Large Wooden Crate

Various assorted large wooden crates for hire – timber, rustic, recycled

Large Wooden Crate - Props available for hire

Wooden or timber crates are always useful and decorative as props for styling themed events, static displays, exhibitions, photographic and fashion shoots as well as film and video and theatre sets. Here a Sydney Prop Specialists we have various crates available including rustic, vintage, painted and recycled.

Both Large, medium and smaller size crates can be used to hold and display a variety of items or be creatively stacked to create visual interest, structure and form for a display or photo set. Use crates for holding fruit, bottles, cheese, tools, product samples, plants, colourful beads and baubles,vintage pieces, fake sculls...what ever! Crates can also be used for many of our Sydney props event themes like Rustic Banquet, Industrial, Farm, Market, Garden, Mexican, Army, Outback and Australiana to name but a few.

Other crates sizes are also available to suit your event and styling needs.