Arabian Theme

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Sydney Props popular Arabian Theme allows for styling both interior and exterior themed environments, not only for corporate and private events, but also photographic shoots, studio productions and theatre. Against Arabian Desert backdrops, find Bedouin tents adorned richly with colourful fabrics. The interiors dressed lavishly with Middle Eastern Decor and props. Selection may include gold urns, pots, columns with minarets, domes, Persian carpets and rugs, aftabas, hookah pipes and cushions. Lamps, baskets, clay jars, statues, musical instruments, assorted palm trees, camel cutouts and glowing lanterns. This styling is ideal for creating a chill out or cocktail area draped with star cloths, where guests can lounge on colourful woven cushions and be fascinated by exotic trinkets. With additional props from our Pirate Theme, our Arabian Theme can be transformed to create an Aladdin’s Cave or a Desert Camp for Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves.