Miami Beach Theme

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Fancy sipping on a pina colada whilst watching the glowing strip of the iconic Ocean Drive in the heart of Miami? If you’re a fan of Miami Vice or just plain old love this beach, Sydney Props will transport you to paradise with this theme!

Begin summer fun with this coastal resort inspired theme incorporating both beach, art deco and lights to recreate the famous Miami Beach. First start by creating the famous strip at night with tropical neon lights and signs. Ensure there’s plenty pops of colour especially pink and some razzle dazzle palm trees and art deco pieces. Think cafe seating, bars and nightclubs! Then head down to South Beach for some people watching including the roller skaters and the people scantly clad in their swimsuits. Sit down on a peacock chair or deck chair and look over towards Biscayne Bay. Create the beach with our range of beach props including our lifeguard chair, beach umbrellas and palm trees – and finally you will feel like you’re on holidays in Florida!