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A popular event theme, inspired by the book and all the wonderment of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll

For a fun filled fantasy theme, Sydney Props offers a large range of bright, playful and larger than life props to create a land of wonderment that suits both large and small event venues. Start with one of our superbly painted backdrops depicting a fantasy mushroom forest, add huge entrance gates with pillars, hedges and flowering trees. Add a variety of topiary’s, an assortment of mushrooms and toadstools, indoor grass and grass covered furniture. In a blink, the fantasy scene has been set for a very special occasion. Complete the theme with giant teacups, flamingos, oversized rabbits, large playing card cut outs, giant lollypops and colourful butterflies. The Alice in Wonderland Theme can easily be expanded by also including props and event decor from our Mad Hatters Tea Party Theme and our Rustic Banquet and Enchanted Garden Themes.