Horror Theme

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Ever been to a party where everyone spends the whole night literally looking over their own backs? Our Horror Theme is guaranteed to turn a few heads.

We’ve cornered the cemetery on headstones, so if you are looking for a scary story, we’ve got the perfect plot. It involves zombies, vampires, werewolves and demons – blood curdling cries and stifled screams, badly applied makeup and hair to just die for. Sure it’s kitch – but who cares? Not our zombies that’s for sure – we’ve got their brains stored in the bottom of a wardrobe. We may even sell them on eBay.

We have a shipping container full of coffins – didn’t buy them – just sayin’.

If you want blood-pumping fountains, suits of armour, cemetery gates, vampire statues, boiling cauldrons or TV’s with white noise that whisper to you …….theeeey’re heeeere!!