Backyard Theme

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Crikey the cricket’s on!

Be a good sport, head over to the Hills Hoist and grab a prawn off the barbie and a beer from the esky for me will you? Use the tongs – don’t know where your hands have been. Careful you don’t trip over the lawn mower, that Victa’s been in the family since you were knee high to a grasshopper – mind the wheel barrow, watch where you’re going. Also, on your way back, grab that Tupperware container full of Tim Tams for granny – you know how she likes to take her teeth out and suck on them.

Oh and by the way – don’t eat more than a few slices of the fairy bread, I saw your mother unloading a can of Mortein onto them chasing a blowfly around the table.

What a microcosm of Australiana. Not just a back yard – we give you the quintessential Australian back yard with all the classic props you know and love and also a bit of fantasy: wooden gnomes and cricket bats, striped canvas deck chairs and brightly painted garden tools, picket fences with passion fruit vines, inflatable pools and fancy topiary, fun poolside figurines and hedgerows – even the household dog. Plus we have a great selection of rustic furniture, including large tables and bench seats.

But hold your horses – aren’t we multicultural? We can of course restyle this theme to mingle any cultural additions you desire: Chinese, Greek, Italian, French, Middle Eastern – you name it and we will flavour the props to your requirements.