Army Theme

Army Theme and Prop Hire | Command Post, hospital, bivouac. Camouflage netting, sandbags, army equipment, jungle, desert setting, foliage, custom styling.

“Young people from all over the globe are joining up to fight for the future. We’re doing our part – are you doing yours?”

Ok, that’s a quote from Starship Troopers, but the sentiment is still there. Strategy, team work, setting goals, understanding the opposition, knowing your strengths and your weaknesses, working efficiently with military precision. Conferences eat this up and it’s no wonder, because traits and lessons like these are invaluable throughout our lives.

Our army theme sets the scene – a command post last century; tents and camouflage netting, sandbags and canisters, jerry cans, crates and boxes, ordinance, first aid equipment and large industrial fan set pieces. In the background we see jungle backdrops and foliage.

This could be a breakout room for training or a series of vignettes scattered around a large room for a gala dinner and presentation, with table centrepieces in the same theme. Of course all our props are available to hire as individual items – gas masks and dynamite are popular single items that can be used with other themes such as Super Hero.