Prop Hire and Event Styling in Sydney


Where do I search for a theme?

All theme categories are available from the front page of this website. Alternatively, click on “Themes” in the main menu to see all our themes.

What themes do you have available?

We have a large variety of themes available. To view, click on “Themes” in the main menu.

What if I can’t find the theme I am looking for?

If you can’t find the desired theme you are looking for please contact us or look for a similar theme. Even though we may not have that theme we are sure to have something that will suit.

Can I come in to look at props?

Yes, we are open throughout the week 8:30am – 5:00pm and Saturdays 9am – 12pm. No appointments required.

What are themes?

Themes are used to categories props, themes usually are names to describe a look/setting.

How do I style an event?

If you are looking to style an event yourself then you can use us just simply to hire props and other items to enhance your event, alternatively we can style your event too at an added cost.

Do you style weddings?

Yes, we do. We have many options from classic, themed to rustic.

Do you decorate?

Yes, we can decorate and style your event.


Where do I search for a prop?

To search, use the top search bar.

How many props do you have in your warehouse?

We have thousands. Not all our props are on our website.

Can I view props at your showroom or warehouse?

Yes, we are open throughout the week 8:30am – 5:00pm and Saturdays 9am – 12pm. No appointments required.

Please Note: props may be booked or stored away and not be available to view.

Do you have animals?

Yes, not the real kind but props from life-size to miniature.

Do you have wedding props?

Yes, we have many options.

Do you have theatre or stage props?

Yes, we cater to the theatre industry and have many props which can be used in stage productions.

Do you have props for school concerts / plays / theatre?

Yes, we cater to all sorts of school productions. Popular productions we have props for include: Hair Spray, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

Do you have furniture props?

Yes, we have all sorts of furnishings including stools, chairs, tables, cabinets, shelves, desks and more.

Do you have medical props for a hospital / surgery / doctor’s clinic or medical centre?

Yes, we have an entire section devoted to medial props.

Do you have signs or signage?

Yes, heaps.

How big are your props?

Our props vary in size. Sizes / dimensions are usually noted when you view a prop on the website or on your quote.

How are props priced?

All our props are priced individually. Usually the price of hiring a prop is based on size.

How do I find size or dimensions of props?

Sizes / dimensions are usually noted when you view a prop on the website or on your quote. Alternatively ask our team.

Do you have TV or film props?

Yes, we do.

Do you have cut outs?

Yes, we have a large range of cut outs available.

What are cut outs?

Cut outs are flat, 2D panels usually made of mdf or ply that are painted or printed on one side used to depict large scenery, animals, people etc without being 3D. Cut outs can also have holes to be used as photo opportunities.

How do I display or install a cut out?

They can rest on walls, be mounted or free-stand with the help of a French brace.

What is a French brace?

A French brace is used to support a flat or cut out free-stand.

What is a prop package?

A prop package is a fixed price and contains a backdrop, rigging, lights and themed props. We have various styles depending on the desired theme. They have been created so that you can easily transport and install easily and independently.

How much is a prop package?

Our prop packages are $650 + gst.

How big is the prop package?

Prop packages do vary in size depending on the props. However the backdrop is typically 3.6m high x 4m long. We would advise to allow a 4m x 4m area for the setup unless you want to spread out the props.

Do you have thrones?

Yes, we have a variety of thrones.

Do you have Santa thrones?


Can you source props for me?

Yes, we can however we charge extra for this as well as the hire fee.

Can I buy / purchase props?

We mostly just hire, however occasionally we do sell certain items so please ask us.

How long is the hire of props?

You can hire from as little as a few hours to months. We charge per week so you may have the prop/s for up to a week depending on availability.

How much to hire props?

Each prop is priced individually depending on many factors. Please contact us or submit a quote online to get prices.

Where do I collect props?

You can collect props from our warehouse in Marrickville at 16 Carrington Road during the week from 8:30am – 5pm and Saturdays 9am -12pm. Park near “Dock 1” and someone will be there to help you.

Where do I return props?

Please return props where you collected from during the same hours. Before you leave please alert warehouse staff. Do not leave props outside unattended if we are closed.

How do I book props?

To book props you can either submit a quote online, approve it via email or phone, or alternatively you may email or call us to book directly. Please contact us directly if you need to book urgently.

How do I find pricing for props?

There is no pricing on the website except for studio hire rates and some other props such as barrels. For pricing please submit a quote, email or call and we will give you prices. We do not have a price list.

How do I get a quote for props?

To get a quote, simply browse through the website or search for desired item/s and add to quote using the button on the item. You can then preview your quote basket and then submit that list and your information to our sales team which will get back to you via email within 48 hours.

Alternatively, please call our office or send us an email through our enquiry form.

Where can I find a particular prop?

Go to our search bar and try searching keyword variations till you see what you are looking for. Alternatively call our office, there is a chance we may not have the item on our website.

How many of each prop do you have?

With some props we have multiples however in the case of our larger props (over-sized, giant) we may only have the one.

What is a damage waiver?

The damage waiver is charged by us on all hires. The waiver covers costs associated with normal wear and tear as well as any accidental damage, provided that the replacement cost and/or cost of repairs does not exceed 10% of the hiring fee for the item.

The damage waiver does not apply to or cover any other damage to or loss of Equipment including, without limitation:

(a) Damage resulting from overloading, exceeding rated capacity, misuse, abuse or improper servicing of Equipment;

(b) Damage or loss due to disappearance of the Equipment;

(c) Damage caused by the use or operation of Equipment in contravention of any of these Terms;

(d) Damage to, or loss of, the Equipment from any unknown cause.

Will I get my damage waiver back?

The damage waiver is not a security deposit that will be returned when the hire period has ended. See above for more explanation on what a damage waiver is.

Do you have movie props?

Yes, in fact we have some props that were used in the original movies. We also can supply film, TV, commercial and music video sets with the props they require.

Do you have photo booth props?

Yes, we have a large range of photo booth props ranging from small items you can hold in a photo to cut outs where you can stick your head through and backdrops. We can also create scenes great for photo booths. Our prop packages are a great option too.

Do you have circus props?

Yes, we have both vintage circus and modern circus props ranging from plinths, cages, signs, animals, clowns to distorting funny mirrors and games.

Where do I collect booked props from?

When you have booked and paid for the props. Please go to Dock 1 to collect. If you need assistance please inform us in the office.

Which dock do I go to return props?

Drop off props in the same dock you collected from: Dock 1.

Will my car fit the prop/s?

Since our props can get quite big, please ask our staff for an indication of what sort of vehicle would be required to transport the prop/s – don’t be caught out by bringing a small car to carry a prop which won’t fit!

Sydney Props Photo Studios

Where do I find information on your studios?

Go to our studio website: https://sydneypropsphotostudios.com.au/

How many studios do you have?

We currently have 8 multi-purpose, fully equipped photographic studios. Some are soundproof and all are air-conditioned. The studios all have varying qualities: rustic wooden warehouse, white cycloramas, green screen, natural light and sets.

Do you have soundproof studios, we need to record sound?

Yes, we have soundproof studios. Studio 4 – TV Production and Studio 5 – Green Screen studio are both fully soundproof.

Do you hire or make flats for sets?

We hire and make flats. We have a variety of flats available: plain white painted, wallpapered, brick, cement rendered, with windows and more.

Do you make custom sets or set pieces or props?

Yes, we do all of the above to specification and a brief or we can also design for you.

Do you have sets?

Yes, we have sets in our Studio 7 and 8 – Retro and Textural Studios. These studios have period sets including 50s style lounge, diner, grandma’s lounge, French ballroom, garden, old gym, and school classroom and lots more.

Where do I find studio hire prices / costings?

All of our studio hire rates are available on our website. Click on the studio you are interested in and the rates and fees will be listed. You can also submit a quote for studio hire through our website, phone or email. Studio hire rates may vary depending on time needed, out of business hours, over time and other special requirements.

What are studio availabilities?

To check studio availabilities please either submit a quote online with studio required and date/s, alternatively email or call us.

Do you have photographic backdrops / backgrounds?

Yes, we do have a range of photographic backdrops. You will see these in our “Backdrops” section. They are all made of canvas and need to be hung / rigged.

Do you have a rustic warehouse studio?

Yes, we have a 300m² rustic warehouse studio, our largest studio.

Do you hire studio lighting?

Yes, we hire a range of studio lighting. Lighting is not included in studio hires, please advise staff if you require these for your shoot.

Can we use props for our shoot?

Yes, you are welcome to use any of our props as long as they have not been booked prior. You receive 50% discount if you are booked into one of our studios.

How do we hire props for our shoot?

Add props you would like for your shoot through our website, alternatively call or email us.

Hire discount when you use props for your shoot at Sydney Props?

You receive a 50% discount off prop hire.

Do you have white cycloramas?

Yes, we have 4 white cycloramas, 2 larger options, 1 medium and 1 that is a smaller corner cyclorama.

What is a cyc or cyclorama?

A cyclorama also known as cyc for short is an infinity wall which means there are no lines shown in the background of where the floor meets the wall. This allows for a clean white background. Cycloramas are usually white however they can be painted (when requested) any colour at additional costs.

Do you have infinity walls?

Yes, we do. See above.

Do you have large sound stages?

Yes, Studio 4 – TV Production is our largest white cyc soundstage.

Do you have a green screen?

Yes, Studio 5 – Green Screen.

Do you have a special effects studio?

Yes, Studio 5 – Green Screen.

Do your studios have natural light?

Yes, some of our studios do have natural sources of light. These include studios 1, 3, 6, 7 and 8.

Do studio hires come with lights?

Studio lights do not come included with the price of the studio hire however you can hire studio lights at an additional cost.

I need help with my shoot, can we hire crew?

Yes, we can provide crew at an hourly rate however this does not come included with the cost of hiring a studio.

After hours hire.

Our studios can be hired any time of the day Monday through to Sunday. Please advise staff, there are additional costs for out of business hours use such as weekend surcharges.

What is the weekend studio hire surcharge?

Our weekend studio surcharge is quoted upon request. There is no flat rate at this stage.

What is a full day?

A full day studio hire is typically 9 hours starting around 8:30am and finishing 5:30pm. If you require an early bump-in or late bump-out please advise our staff. The 9 hours include load in and out times.

What is a half day?

A half day studio hire is typically 4 hours starting in the morning or afternoon. You can either start 8:30am and finish 12:30pm or alternatively start 12:30pm and finish 4:30pm. These times are very flexible so please advise our staff at what time suits you best. The 4 hours include load in and out times.

What is a cyc painting fee?

A cyc painting fee covers the cost to re-paint the cyc for you if you intend to use it and want it fresh. This is recommended and usually compulsory when you are using the cyc. In instances when you do not require it then we waive the fee. This fee only covers white paint.

Why do I need to pay a cyc painting fee?

You only need to pay the cyc painting fee if you require it. See above.

What is a cleaning fee?

A cleaning fee is charged when a studio is left exceptionally dirty or disorderly. If you know this service will be needed please advise and we can add to your studio hire quote.

Do you provide catering?

No, we don’t cater ourselves. But we have a caterer we recommend. See next question.

Who do you recommend for catering?

We recommend a variety of cafes and caters to suit your needs, there are also cafes close by that offer food and coffee. For more information on catering please see here.

What production services do you offer?

We offer studio rigging, set design and construction, staging and set dressing and access to our warehouse of props at a reduced rate.

How do I book a studio?

To book a studio you can either add the desired studio on our website to a quote with date/s or alternatively submit an enquiry, give us a call or email us at info@sydneyprops.com.au

How do I get a studio hire quote?

If you would like to get a quote for hiring a studio, or props and other services simply add the desired studio to your quote through our website along with date/s and we will get back to you in less than 48 hours.

When we book a studio, do we have access to props?

Yes, when you book a studio with us you have access to our warehouse of props at 50% off. To book props in advance to ensure them please advise our staff otherwise you can always grab on the day of your shoot as long as return back to its place.

Do you have set design services?

Yes, we do. We can design a set and build it. Submit a brief and timeline and we can get back to you with a quote.

Do you have prop making services?

Yes, we can make all sorts of props. We can design or make to a brief and specifications. See our “Customs” section for more on what we can build which includes: table centrepieces, flats, signs and much more.

Do you have set dressing services?

Yes, we can set dress if you require assistance onsite. Please advise staff if you are interested and we can quote for you.

What is rigging specifications in studios?

We have as much information on our website for you to gauge this including floorplans. However, we recommend you do come in and have a look at the studio/s.

How do I hold a studio for a specific date/s?

To hold a particular studio for a specific date we recommend you call or email us and we will get back to you with availability and put a hold on for you.

Who hires your studios?

All sorts of industries, professionals and individuals hire out our studios. Photographers hire our studios to shoot fashion, models, product and much more. We also have TV Commercials shot in our studios all the time. Music videos, short films, web series, TV spots, TV episodes and other content is shooting at our studios all the time. Anyone is welcome!

Can we hire out a studio for an event or reception?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Can we hire out a studio for a launch?

Yes, depending on the launch. Please contact our staff to discuss.

What are payment terms of studio hires?

We require a full payment before or on the date of hire. This goes for all our hires.

Can we view studios?

Yes, please call or email us to see if the studio/s are available the day you would like to view. If the studio/s are booked we won’t be able to let you view. We don’t take appointments.

Can we do a site visit? Or site recce?

Yes, see above.

How do we make an appointment to see your studios?

Unfortunately we don’t take appointments however we can organise the best date possible for you to view.

We want to see your studios, how do we organise a visit or meeting?

See above.

Which dock do we bump-in / load-in from?

Please ask staff this before you load-in just to confirm. It can vary however usually:

Studio 1 – Dock 2

Studio 2 – Dock 4

Studios 3 and 5 – Dock 1 (vehicle must not be left in dock)

Studio 4 – Dock 3

Studio 6 – No dock available, via Warren Road.

Studio 7 and 8 – via Warren Road.

What is parking like in the area?

There is all day parking available in the area with no meters. Park along Carrington Road or other surrounds streets. Warren Road is also a good spot to park if you are shooting in Studios 6, 7 or 8.

Where is my studio located on site?

Please ask our staff for a map of our studios.


What are backdrops made of?

Our backdrops are made of canvas material.

Can we see your backdrops?

Our backdrops are stored folded so they aren’t viewable at our warehouse. The best place to view is on our website.

How do we hang a backdrop?

You can hang a backdrop on truss, telescopic rigging or any other available horizontal bar that is secure. For information on how to hang a backdrop using telescopic rigging please head to our “Resources” section.

How do we fold a backdrop?

For information on how to fold and pack-up a backdrop please head to our “Resources” section.

How big are your backdrops?

Our backdrops vary greatly in size. They can be as high as 1 metre to as high as 6 metres. They also vary in length from 2 – 12 metres. Dimensions for all our backdrops are on the website when you click to view the backdrop.

Can I buy / purchase a backdrop?

Generally we only hire. However please contact our staff.

Do you have frames / hanging systems for backdrops?

Yes, we hire rigging. We hire telescopic rigging which is very easy to use and come in a variety of lengths. Please advise staff what you will require.

Our venue / stage / hall / room doesn’t have a place to hang a backdrop, what are our options?

You can hire our rigging. It is very simple to use, we can install for you at a cost or you can too. For information on how to install rigging and the backdrop please head to our “Resources” section.

How does the backdrop hang?

The backdrop is tied to a horizontal bar with either canvas ties, clamps or cable ties and then pulled tight to avoid creases.

Are your backdrops printed or painted?

Both. Most are painted.

Do you make backdrops?

Yes, we can.

What are backdrops?

Backdrops are large scenic artworks they can be backgrounds or focal points.

What are backdrops used for?

Backdrops can be used to theme a room, divide spaces, hide walls or give an illusion.

Event Decor

Do you have a showroom where we can look around?

Yes, we have a warehouse you are welcome to visit – 16 Carrington Road, Marrickville NSW

Do you have table centrepieces?

Yes, we have a variety of table centrepieces available which are pre-made. We also can create centrepieces for you.

Where do I see your range of table centrepieces?

On our website. See here.

Do you have candelabras?

Yes, we have a range of candelabras.

Do you hire event furniture? Where do I see your range?

Yes, we hire cocktail furniture, lounges, stools, coffee tables and more. See our range on our website.

Do you hire bars and service units?

Yes, we hire themed bars and service units such as food service carts.

Do you hire drapes / draping / curtains? Where do I see your range?

Yes, we hire drapes. Our range is on our website, please also contact our staff if you are looking for something different. We may have it.

What is rigging?

Rigging is a system of poles that enables you to quickly, quietly and safely hoist components such as drapes, backdrops, lights and more.

What are telescopics?

Telescopics are a rigging system which consists of base plates, sand tubs, horizontal and vertical pole/s which are extended by pushing extending poles through. See more in our “Resources” section.

How do I install rigging / telescopics / push-ups?

See our “Resources” section.

Do you have red carpet?

Yes. We hire varying lengths.

Do have bollards and rope?

Yes. We have silver and gold bollards as well as a variety of different coloured bollard ropes.

Do you have make-up / dressing room mirrors for hire? Where can I see your range?


Do you have urns and plinths? Where can I see your range?


Do you have exhibition plinths?

Yes, we have a variety of sizes.

Do you have exhibition stands?

We can custom build for you or create using our existing props and equipment.

Do you construct / build / create exhibition stands?

Yes, we can construct an exhibition stand to suit your requirements. To enquire, please submit a custom build form with your brief and we will get back to you.

Do you hire staging / stage risers?


Do you hire truss / truss frames?

Yes, we hire both.

Do you hire special effects equipment?

Yes, we hire smoke machines, snow machines and more.

Event Management

Do you manage events?

Yes, we can see through your event from brief to installation.

Can you install and setup our event / props?

Yes, we install and setup for an additional charge depending on scale of event.

Do you install lighting?


Can I hire crew to help install?

Yes, we charge per hour and have a minimum call.

What is included as part of your service?

It depends on what you are after. It can be from as simple to hire to a complete service including building, delivering, installing etc.

Do you deliver and pick-up?

Yes, for an additional charge depending on distance and freight.

Is delivery and pick-up included in the price of the props / equipment?


How does it all work?

Submit an enquiry or quote through our website and we will be in touch with pricing and advice.

Custom Builds

What is your lead time for builds?

This varies.

What custom build services are available?

Includes and not limited to: signage, 3D letters, flats, props, floral displays and much more.

How do we get a custom build quote?

Simply fill out the custom build form.

What sorts of props / sets / furnishings do you create?

See more in our “Customs” section however we have created everything from interactive installations to television sets, signage and table centrepieces.

How do I submit a brief to get a quote for a custom build?

Go to our “Customs” section, fill out form and send. We will be in touch within 48 hours. For urgent requests please call our office.

How much time does it take to construct / build / create?

This varies.

Do you install custom onsite?

Yes, we can.

Do you deliver custom onsite?

Yes, we can.

Getting a Quote

How long does it take to get a quote?

Once submitted and you receive a confirmation email, we will get back to you within 48 hours.

How do I create a quote?

To create a quote simply find the item you are looking for, add using the “Add to Quote” button and you will see that it will be in your quote basket. Once you have all the items you are looking to get a quote on, click on the quote basket and fill in your details. Hit “Send” and we will get back to you!

Will I receive a confirmation when I send quote?

Yes, you should receive a confirmation email.

What if I still haven’t received my quote after 48 hours?

Please either call or email us at info@sydneyprops.com.au

Quote troubleshooting. Steps to use if quote system is not working.

If the quote system isn’t working properly, perhaps chance browser to Chrome. This may help or please either call or email us at info@sydneyprops.com.au and inform us.

Contact Information

02 9558 8999

What is your fax number?

02 9558 8844

What is your address?

16 Carrington Road, Marrickville NSW 2204 

How do I subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter/s?

Follow the prompts on our homepage. We have 2 newsletters you can subscribe to, one is for props and events and the other is for our photo studios.

What is the difference between Sydney Props newsletter and Photo Studios newsletter?

One newsletter is for our events, props and theming. The other is for our studios.

How do I follow Sydney Props on social media?

We have all our social media icons top right, click and follow!

How do I give my feedback?

Send us an email to info@sydneyprops.com.au

Company Information

What is Sydney Prop Specialists?

Sydney Prop Specialists is an event theming, prop hire and styling company as well as a studio hire provider with 8 we hire daily. We facilitate all sorts of event equipment hire and manage any type of event.

What services do you provide?

Event planning and management, theming and styling, custom building, prop hire, photographic studio hire and more.

Where are you located?

We are located in NSW, in Marrickville.

Do you service Australia wide?

We can.

Can you deliver and install interstate?

We usually operate within NSW but we can service interstate.

What are your T&Cs?

See here.

What is your Privacy Policy?

See here.

What is your Disclaimer?

See here.

Who do I contact regarding employment opportunities?

Email us at info@sydneyprops.com.au

Who do I contact regarding an internship?

Email us at info@sydneyprops.com.au

What is your ABN?

52 095 914 551


Do you support charities?

Yes, however we cannot support everyone so please send us an enquiry form and we will see what we can do. For full terms on charity support, please see here.

Do you offer sponsorship?

Yes, however we cannot sponsor everyone so please email us or send through an enquiry form.

Where is your warehouse located?

At 16 Carrington Road, Marrickville NSW 2204 AUSTRALIA.

Are you open on weekends?

Yes, we are open only on Saturday between 9am-12pm (3 hours). We are closed Sundays.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday – Friday we are open between 8:30am – 5pm. See above for Saturday opening hours.

What are your office hours?

See above.

Does Sydney Prop Specialists hire or sell?

We mainly hire.

Who to contact if you would like to donate items?

Call us 02 9558 8999 or email us at info@sydneyprops.com.au

Does Sydney Prop Specialists buy props?

Yes, depending on what is.

How does it all work?

Give us a call or send through an enquiry or quote and we will get back to you. To book and confirm, simply sign-off on your quote and pay in full before the date of your booking.