Vintage Circus Theme

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Step right up! That’s right folks. Sydney Props has everything you need to recreate the excitement and fun of a vintage travelling circus.

Take a nostalgic step back in time and re-discover the mystery and magic of the travelling vintage circus, carnival or fair. Select from our range of backdrops and props to create a fun vintage experience using vintage circus posters on easels, plinths, distorting mirrors, caged exotic animals, food carts, pretzel stands, light up signage and large scale painted scenery. Hay bales, crates and barrels are also essential and can be used to create a circus ring for the ringmaster or an enclosed dining area for guests; with festoon lighting and lanterns strung above rustic tables and seating.

Also team this theme with our Up, Up and Away theme to create a nostalgic European vibe with the ferris wheel and penny farthing bicycle props.