Fantasy Theme and Prop Hire | Carnival, Sideshow Alley, Garden Party, Hot Air Balloons, Airplanes and Around the World in Eighty Days.

Let Sydney Props take you “Up, Up and Away!” This theme is playful and can be adapted by changing colours or props and still create that carnival feel!

Create a welcoming and visually interesting setting for your guests to play and unwind. Use the Eiffel Tower and other elements to create a Parisian feel or how about use the ferris wheel to recreate The London Eye?! Begin with an eclectic mix of event decor and props such as the penny farthing bicycle styled against magical sky backdrops and lay down astro turf to create a sunny, outdoors environment. Select wrought iron garden tables and seating from our range, themed with laced umbrellas and flowers and then use wooden crates, food service carts and luggage cases to create the mood. Light the venue space with festoon lights and fill it with decorative potted plants like wisteria, foliage, floral decorations and vines. A bright green European street lamp, pink bi-plane with customisable signage floating behind and other assorted props will also stylishly add to the enchantment and ambience of the Up, Up and Away theme..