Jungle Theme

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At Sydney Props our Jungle Theme is one of our favourites. A place where exotic wild animals lurk within the shadows of the deepest darkest jungles and ancient ruins can be discovered rising out from the jungle undergrowth. Our series of jungle inspired backdrops green and lush, feature hidden glades with bubbling streams, waterfalls and twisting hanging vines. Well suited for both large and small venues, set the scene for your event with a rustic wooden foot bridge, stone statues, temple ruins and a selection of rocks and boulders that form hidden caves and grottos amongst the large tree trunks and lush foliage. The tropical jungle is filled with a variety of palms, bamboo, exotic flowering species and dense ground covers whilst lianas hang from the dark forest canopy. Jungle themed props that include native artefacts and both miniature and life-size jungle creatures, can be found hidden in the shadows or peeking from their hidden sanctuaries beneath heavy camouflage netting. Service huts, bamboo bars and rustic table settings provide for the comfort and service of every Tarzan and Jane whilst the sounds of the jungle and a distant waterfall can be heard throughout the mysterious illuminated jungle setting.