Small Hedge Wall - Prop available for hire

Our imitation topiary style box hedge walls are always popular and useful for theming and styling your event, exhibition space, product or fashion shoot, commercial, static display, vintage / garden wedding or other special event. They are a useful prop for adding greenery and can be arranged to form a continuous wall, enclose smaller areas, form a fabulous maze, create entrance or walk ways and used to hide or cordon off 'no go' areas.

Here at Sydney Props our medium size artificial Hedge Walls are used and incorporated into many of our event themes like Enchanted Garden, Alice in Wonderland, Melbourne Cup, White Wedding, Garden Maze, Pool Party, Backyard, Easter and various Sporting Themes.

Hedge walls team well with many of our other 'green' props including topiary and palm trees, artificial grass covered couches, ottomans and plinths as well as our Astro Turf / artificial grass flooring. Large Hedge Walls 1100mm high are also available

White Planter Boxes are available as an optional extra.

Height = 600mm
Length = 920mm
Width = 200mm