Marquee Letter Arrow Signs, assorted sizes

Marquee Letter Arrow Signs

Arrow sign boxes can use any letters to create custom words to highlight zones of the space including "CHILL", "PLAY", "SIP", "BAR", "DRINK", "EAT" and much much more (note: marquee letters are additional hire items). There are 5 arrow sign boxes available in assorted sizes:

3 lettered words x 3
4 lettered words x 1
5 lettered word x 1

For additional customisation including painting of arrow boxes an additional fee will be incurred. Letters can be fixed on both sides.

Please Note: NO DRY HIRE. Hire of these large signs are subject to the venue having appropriate rigging points to bear weight. Please consult with your venue if they have licensed riggers to install these, we can have this done at an additional charge. Other information would be requried, please consult are sales staff.

Dimensions and Weights:

3 letter word arrow: 2720mm long x 340mm deep x 680mm wide, 45kg without letters, 70kg with 6 marquee letters.

4 letter word arrow: 3430mm long x 340mm deep x 680mm wide, 63kg without letters, 95kg with 8 marquee letters.

5 letter word arrow: 4140mm long x 340mm deep x 680mm wide, 75kg without letters, 115kg with 10 marquee letters.