Sydney Props Pirate Theme takes your guests for fun rollick on high seas to discover a secret cove and pirate treasures.

Shiver me timbers me hearties! This is one of our most popular event themes where we can create a tropical cove; with a beach that transitions to a jungle setting where banquet tables await your guests.  Sea faring buccaneers cordially escort your guests through a tunnel entrance that leads to a hidden pirate cove, revealing a cocktail bar adorned with stolen treasure, sumptuous delights and exotic fruits.  Guests and party goers can find their sea legs and dance a jig on the dance floor decked with cannons, wooden wine barrels, whilst a life size pirate captain statue keeps a lookout from the helm.  Other Pirate and Nautical Themed props including ropes, chains, bollards, ships wheel, anchors, assorted treasures chest and of course a skull and crossbones pirate flag add to the decor of the setting.

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  1. Cage or Jail Bars - 2 Pieces
    Cage, Jail Bars, 2 pieces@ 90 degree angle Learn More
  2. Cane Style Lobster Pot
    Lobster or Crab Pot, cane style. 4 Available. Size approx. 65cm diameter x 35cm high Learn More
  3. Small Cage on Wheels
    Cage, small mobile on wheels, pg 49, Size approx. 80cm x 80cm x1.1m high Learn More
  4. Female Art Nouveau Statue
    Female Art Nouveau style statueProp for hire Learn More
  5. Male Art Nouveau Statue
    Statue, male, art nouveau style. (Without plinth) Size approx 1.4m tall Learn More
  6. Antique Style Globe on Stand
    Antigue style world globe on timber stand. Size approx. 450mm x 800m high Learn More
  7. Cane Birdcage
    Cane Birdcage, assorted available Learn More
  8. Fishing Nets
    Assorted hand held fishing nets Learn More
  9. Rusty Chains
    Rusty Chains - large Learn More
  10. Pirate Flag
    Pirate flag, Jolly Roger, skull & crossbones. Size approx. 50cm x 90cm Learn More
  11. Pirate Ship with Sail
    Pirate ship - wooden boat wooden with Pirate sail. Size: Length 270 Width 100 Height 240 (with Sail), 63 (without... Learn More
  12. Medium Treasure Chest
    Medium treasure Chest with jewels - table Centre Learn More
  13. Pirate Cove Painted Backdrop BD-0700
    Pirate Cove Painted Backdrop BD-0700 Learn More
  14. Pirate Captain Statue
    Pirate Captain Statue 1900mm h x 800mm Qty 1 Learn More
  15. Cannon Ball Pyramid
    Cannon ball pyramid. Size approx. Size approx. 700mm x 500mm Learn More
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Items 1-24 of 150

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