Capture the seaside, recreate a fishermans wharf or come on-board with our Nautical Theme 

Our Nautical Theme props can style your event or studio space to recreate a variety of settings.  Perhaps its a fisheman's wharf, a relaxed sea side setting or sailors tavern. Or simply style your venue to take your guests onboard for a day at sea or an evening cruise under the stars set against our expertly painted backdrops.  Crisp blue and white stripes add to the nautical feel and can be utilised in various ways thoughout venue space and when decorating bar and food service areas.  Striped deckchairs, lifebuoys, anchors, ropes and rigging all add to the onboard ambiance.  Small dingys, lobster pots, fishing rods, ropes, nets, bollards, lobster pots, barrels and crates dress wharf and  seaside settings.  Seagulls, pelican, shells, fish and lobsters are great additions, there is even  a deep sea divers helmet. Rustic props with a vintage look can also be used to recreate a scene onboard an old steam or cargo ship  Tables and seating can easily be incorporated into the space, with themed service areas to provide for guest dining or onboard cocktail party.

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  1. Nautical Chests
    Nautical Chests, various available, all range in size Learn More
  2. Standard Wooden Barrel
    RUSTIC Standard Wooden Barrel H:900mm approx. Please Note: our barrels are rustic and may vary slightly. HIRE... Learn More
  3. LED Glow Cocktail Table
    LED Glow Cocktail Table Another item in our collection of LED Glow Furniture Adjustable to any colour to match your... Learn More
  4. Lifebuoy
    Lifebuoy, red and white 65cm Qty 20 Learn More
  5. Cane Style Lobster Pot
    Lobster or Crab Pot, cane style. 4 Available. Size approx. 65cm diameter x 35cm high Learn More
  6. Starfish
    Starfish, plastic & or real, assorted Learn More
  7. Rusty Chains
    Rusty Chains - large Learn More
  8. Wooden Half Barrel
    RUSTIC Wooden Half BarrelHeight: 510mmDIA: 770mm  Suit various themes including but not limited to - Australiana,... Learn More
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