It was The Fifties - World war II was over and the cold war was ramping up. Elvis burst onto the scene in 1954 and Marlyn Monroe stood over a subway grating in '55 and that iconic image of her dress blowing up was born. Movies like "The Seven Year Itch" drew big crowds and our love affair with the car also exploded as we all hit the road and drive-in theatres sprang up everywhere.

Auto shops and milk bars featured in many films of that era and here at Sydney Prop Specialists, our prop makers and stylists have put together a colourful assortment of props and painted backdrops that will transport your guests back to a 50's auto shop and milk bar. With life size Elvis and Marilyn from that dress scene in "The Seven Year Itch", giant ice-cream Sundays and bags of movie popcorn, car boots for beverages and food, petrol bowsers, hot rods and 44 gallon drums - the scene is set for your themed event..

As well as many colourful theatrical and oversize props we also have many authentic everyday items that can be used to dress a period set from that era. Talk to our sales people..


1950s Diner Theme Brochure

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  1. Giant Bowling Pin
    Giant bowling pin. Size approx. 3.0m tall 5 in stock Learn More
  2. Giant Prop Ice Cream
    Giant Prop Ice Cream Constructed out of timber, polystyrene and fibreglass. Height: 1800mm Dia: 700mm Colorful... Learn More
  3. Minza's Soda Parlor Painted Backdrop BD-0643
    Minza's Soda Parlor Painted Backdrop BD-0643 Learn More
  4. Pedestal Mounted Studio Video Camera
    Pedestal Mounted Studio Video Camera 2 in stock Learn More
  5. Elvis Statue with Guitar
    Elvis with guitar statue. Size approx. 1.35m x 1.85m Learn More
  6. 44 Gallon Oil Drum
    Various rustic and painted oil drum props available for hire - can be customised to suit your theme Learn More
  7. Feather Boa
    Feather boa, Assorted.colours Learn More
  8. Large Milkshake
    Large milkshake with straws Learn More
  9. Stratocaster Electric Guitar
    Stratocaster Electric Guitar Non Practical Cream Coloured Stand not included Learn More
  10. Movie Camera
    Movie Camera on Tripod - Hollywood StyleProp for Hire Learn More
  11. Cigarette Selling Trays with strap
    Cigarette selling trays, food vendor tray, with strap, 50cm Strap can be multiple colours: red, burgundy, gold, white.... Learn More
  12. Wharf Bollard Ropes
    Bollard ropes for boat wharf, Learn More
  13. Giant Popcorn in Container
    Giant Popcorn in Container - Prop for Hire Learn More
  14. Flamingo
    Iconic garden ornament prop from the late 50's - 1800mm high on a pole with stand Learn More
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