Pink Flamingo


Popular little number with the "minus green" set - if you are into pink and you like flamingos, this is the one for you.

Pink flamingos, pink go go cages, pink entrance gates, glow bar, furniture, cocktails, lighting, you name it - everything pink. We have another variation on this theme where we leave out the flamingos - it's just called "Pink" - you may prefer it. Personally, I like the flamingos - that one legged standing thing they have going really tickles me pink.

Great as a cocktail chill area at a conference or after dinner nightclub.


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  1. White Chiffon Drape
    White chiffon drape with cotton backing. Learn More
  2. Giant Martini Glass
    Giant Martini Glass Height: 500mm Learn More
  3. LED Glow Cocktail Table
    LED Glow Cocktail Table Another item in our collection of LED Glow Furniture Adjustable to any colour to match your... Learn More
  4. Large Entrance Gates
    Large Entrance GatesProps for Hire Learn More
  5. Small Flamingo
    Small pink Flamingo 65cm tall Learn More
  6. Flamingo
    Iconic garden ornament prop from the late 50's - 1800mm high on a pole with stand Learn More
  7. Large Ornate Urn
    Large Ornate Urn for use as props for dressing your next photo shoot, themed event or party. Learn More
  8. Peacock, white
    Peacock, white with long tail Learn More
  9. Apple Blossom, bunch of
    Comes per bunch. Can be used in bouquets, installed as ceiling hangings, for dressing arches, in urns etc. Learn More
  10. Steel Go Go Cage
    Steel Go Go CageProp for hire Learn More
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