Sydney Props Pirate Theme takes your guests for fun rollick on high seas to discover a secret cove and pirate treasures.

Shiver me timbers me hearties! This is one of our most popular event themes where we can create a tropical cove; with a beach that transitions to a jungle setting where banquet tables await your guests.  Sea faring buccaneers cordially escort your guests through a tunnel entrance that leads to a hidden pirate cove, revealing a cocktail bar adorned with stolen treasure, sumptuous delights and exotic fruits.  Guests and party goers can find their sea legs and dance a jig on the dance floor decked with cannons, wooden wine barrels, whilst a life size pirate captain statue keeps a lookout from the helm.  Other Pirate and Nautical Themed props including ropes, chains, bollards, ships wheel, anchors, assorted treasures chest and of course a skull and crossbones pirate flag add to the decor of the setting.

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  1. Wharf Bollard Ropes
    Bollard ropes for boat wharf, Learn More
  2. Fishing Dinghy
    Fishing dinghy -row boat (MHNOE) 2050mm x 1050mm Learn More
  3. Lobster
    Lobster, plastic, small & large Learn More
  4. Metal Anchor
    Metal Anchor Length: 900mm 1 in stock Learn More
  5. Pulley Block
    Pulley block. Metal or wooden blocks available. Learn More
  6. Artificial Rocks and Boulders -Small Size
    Various styles and sizes available of artificial /fake rocks, stones and boulders - Props available for Hire Learn More
  7. Convict Ball and Chain
    Ball and chain, convict style Learn More
  8. Rustic Hurricane Lantern
    Rustic hurricane lantern in a variety of colours. (Non Working) Learn More
  9. Battery Operated Hurricane Lantern
    Battery operated hurricane lantern. Available in a variety of colours. 2 x D size batteries supplied. Learn More
  10. Wooden Half Barrel
    RUSTIC Wooden Half BarrelHeight: 510mmDIA: 770mm  Suit various themes including but not limited to - Australiana,... Learn More
  11. Extra Large Wooden Barrel
    RUSTIC Extra Large Wooden Barrel H:1100mm D:860mm approx. Please Note: our barrels are rustic and may vary... Learn More
  12. Brass Gas Lantern
    Lantern, gas, Victorian, brass Learn More
  13. Tropical Island Sunset Painted Backdrop BD-0030
    Tropical Island Sunset Painted Backdrop BD-0030 Learn More
  14. Tropical Jungle Island Paradise Painted Backdrop BD-0085
    Tropical Jungle Island Paradise Painted Backdrop BD-0085 Learn More
  15. Fiberglass Palm Tree
    Fiberglass palm trees. Size approx. 2.4m high Learn More
  16. Assorted Boxes - Nautical Theme
    Assorted Boxes - Nautical Theme 2 sets in stock Learn More
  17. Small Treasure Chest -Table Centrepiece
    Small Treasure Chest with brass banding as prop or table centrepiece. Learn More
  18. Silver 5 Arm Candelabra
    Silver 5 Arm Candelabra Available in quatity Learn More
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Items 73-96 of 150

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