An Australiana Theme is always popular with clients and offers styling choices diverse as our great land

Here at Sydney Props we have you covered for your next Australiana Themed event, function or production with our huge range of backdrops and props.  From our brave beginnings to the present day, this theme is as expansive as our great land and incorporates our heritage, culture, landscape and sense of humour.  Whether it's sparkling Sydney Harbour, the Australian bush, rural vineyards or outback beyond the black stump to the red centre and Uluru, our backdrops will set the scene. Your event space can be transformed into a complete Aussie outback adventure, a bush camp, or a  true blue Aussie backyard bash complete with that great Australian icon the Hill's Hoist.  Alternatively, theme to celebrate and reflect our colonial history, indigenous culture or our early pioneers and legendary wool industry.  Colonial artefacts, convict tools, farming implements and milk urns, hay bales and wool bales, windmills and even a full size wood hut, create that quintessential rustic Australiana experience for your guests.  Check out our life size horses, saddlery, flags, artificial campfire, rocks and boulders as well as our selection of animal skulls and iconic Aussie animal statues and cutouts.  Vintage signs, motor oil cans and other Aussie memorabilia can add to the authenticity of your styling and rustic tables and seating can provide for the comfort of your guests or clients..

Australiana Theme Brochure

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  1. Covered Wagon
    Covered wagon. Size approx. 2.1 x 1.2 x 2.3m Learn More
  2. Artificial Rocks and Boulders -Small Size
    Various styles and sizes available of artificial /fake rocks, stones and boulders - Props available for Hire Learn More
  3. Small Hedge Wall
    Topiary style hedge wall prop for hire - 600mm high x 920mm long x 200mm wide Learn More
  4. Garden Gnome
    Statue, Gnomes asst. from 30cm to 50cm high Learn More
  5. Modern Wheelbarrow
    Modern Wheelbarrow in a variety of colours Learn More
  6. Medium White Picket Fence
    White Painted Picket Fence 600mm high x 2100mm for event, wedding and party hire & crowd control Learn More
  7. Beach / Lifesaver Flags
    Beach Flags on poles (pair), to inc Flat Bases Learn More
  8. Lifeguard Chair - Tower
    Lifeguard Chair - TowerProp for hire Colours - orange, green, red, blue or yellow Learn More
  9. Lifesavers Reel - Metal Base
    Lifesavers Reel - Metal Base, metal Qty 1 65 x 140 x 80 Learn More
  10. Giant Cricket Bat
    Cricket Bat, 3D painted polystyrene, 2.3m Learn More
  11. Giant Cricket Ball
    Cricket Ball, 3D painted polystyrene, 1.2m dia Learn More
  12. Cocktail Stool
    Cocktail style stool, red vinyl upholstered seat with chrome legs 19 available Learn More
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