Peter Pan


Inspired by J. M. Barrie's "Peter Pan", this theme pays homage to the wonderful characters and environments described in that 1911 work of fantasy.

Let your imagination soar like Peter through the skies of Neverland. See Captain Hook and his pirate crew unloading stores, guns and cannon balls on the beach, along with gilded chests and piles of treasure, golden urns, casks of rum other pirate loot. Feast at a rustic banquet table hidden in the lush green forest depths, surrounded by the eclectic flotsam and jetsam collected by the Lost Boys on their foraging trips across the island. See the twinkling lights overhead as Tinkerbell darts this way and that through the leafy canopy and feel dreamy with the warming glimmer and flickering glow of lit candles in their rustic candelabras.

Be Peter, be Wendy - and be carried away to Neverland.


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  1. Mock Antique Wood and Brass Telescope
    Mock Antique Wood and Brass Telescope Late 1800's Extendable Legs Wood and Brass Learn More
  2. Small Treasure Chest -Table Centrepiece
    Small Treasure Chest with brass banding as prop or table centrepiece. Learn More
  3. Assorted Boxes - Nautical Theme
    Assorted Boxes - Nautical Theme 2 sets in stock Learn More
  4. Metal Anchor
    Metal Anchor Length: 900mm 1 in stock Learn More
  5. Ships Wheel with Bell
    Ships wheel with bell. Medium size approx.1.05m x 1.5m Learn More
  6. Ships Wheel
    Ships Wheel Dia: 1000mm 2 in stock Learn More
  7. Public Address Loudspeaker
    Public address speaker. Vintage old style Learn More
  8. Gold Bullion Bars
    Gold Bullion, small bars - Qty 15. Size approx. 20cm long Learn More
  9. Cannon Ball Pyramid
    Cannon ball pyramid. Size approx. Size approx. 700mm x 500mm Learn More
  10. Pirate Captain Statue
    Pirate Captain Statue 1900mm h x 800mm Qty 1 Learn More
  11. Pirate Cove Painted Backdrop BD-0700
    Pirate Cove Painted Backdrop BD-0700 Learn More
  12. Medium Treasure Chest
    Medium treasure Chest with jewels - table Centre Learn More
  13. Rusty Chains
    Rusty Chains - large Learn More
  14. Brass Gas Lantern
    Lantern, gas, Victorian, brass Learn More
  15. Fiberglass Palm Tree
    Fiberglass palm trees. Size approx. 2.4m high Learn More
  16. Lifebuoy
    Lifebuoy,, 30cm diam orange Qty 1 Learn More
  17. Pot of Gold
    Pot of gold, small cauldron. Size approx. 400mm x 400mm 1 available Learn More
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Items 1-24 of 84

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