Crikey the cricket's on!

Be a good sport, head over to the Hills Hoist and grab a prawn off the barbie and a beer from the esky for me will you? Use the tongs - don't know where your hands have been. Careful you don't trip over the lawn mower, that Victa's been in the family since you were knee high to a grasshopper - mind the wheel barrow, watch where you're going. Also, on your way back, grab that Tupperware container full of Tim Tams for granny - you know how she likes to take her teeth out and suck on them.

Oh and by the way - don't eat more than a few slices of the fairy bread, I saw your mother unloading a can of Mortein onto them chasing a blowfly around the table.

What a microcosm of Australiana. Not just a back yard - we give you the quintessential Australian back yard with all the classic props you know and love and also a bit of fantasy: wooden gnomes and cricket bats, striped canvas deck chairs and brightly painted garden tools, picket fences with passion fruit vines, inflatable pools and fancy topiary, fun poolside figurines and hedgerows - even the household dog. Plus we have a great selection of rustic furniture, including large tables and bench seats.

But hold your horses - aren't we multicultural? We can of course restyle this theme to mingle any cultural additions you desire: Chinese, Greek, Italian, French, Middle Eastern - you name it and we will flavour the props to your requirements.

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  1. Standard Wooden Barrel
    RUSTIC Standard Wooden Barrel H:900mm approx. Please Note: our barrels are rustic and may vary slightly. HIRE... Learn More
  2. White Wrought Iron Garden Chair
    Fancy Garden Chairs painted white available for prop and event hire Learn More
  3. Medium White Picket Fence
    White Painted Picket Fence 600mm high x 2100mm for event, wedding and party hire & crowd control Learn More
  4. Small Flamingo
    Small pink Flamingo 65cm tall Learn More
  5. Plinth For Flower Urns
    Plinth suitable for flower or cherub urns. Size approx. 35cm x 35cm x 55cm Learn More
  6. Hills Hoist
    Hills Hoist, authentic, 2.7m x 2.7m x 2.5m high Learn More
  7. Three Ball Fancy Potted Topiary
    Three Ball Fancy potted Topiary. Size approx. 80cm Learn More
  8. English Flower Urn with Cherub
    Urn, English flower/cherub, approx. 60x60x65cm Learn More
  9. Timber Rail Fence - Brown
    Timber Rail Fence Barnyard style fence Colour: brown Learn More
  10. Modern Wheelbarrow
    Modern Wheelbarrow in a variety of colours Learn More
  11. Extra Large Wooden Barrel
    RUSTIC Extra Large Wooden Barrel H:1100mm D:860mm approx. Please Note: our barrels are rustic and may vary... Learn More
  12. Tall Topiary Tree
    Tall topiary tree - plastic in pot Learn More
  13. Market Umbrella
    Market umbrella - canvas, with base. Learn More
  14. Garden Gnome
    Statue, Gnomes asst. from 30cm to 50cm high Learn More
  15. Small Hedge Wall
    Topiary style hedge wall prop for hire - 600mm high x 920mm long x 200mm wide Learn More
  16. Hedge Column
    Hedge Column - topiary style Learn More
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Items 25-48 of 119

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