Episode 02: Whimsical Winterfest

Today's client has a budget of $40,000 and is looking for a whimsical Winter Wonderland to thank the company's staff at The Venue in Alexandria. This beautiful canvas is full of potential to create an amazing event. This time, Vali (pictured) has been nominated to help out our client. So what comes next? 
Mood Board

Mood boards are essential in grabbing the client's attention - especially when you're competing with other agencies for the job. Clients always need to know the 'feel' of the event, which is where mood boards come in.
Mood boards establish a 'vibe,' incorporating images of items to be included as well as setting a general atmosphere for the event. 

This mood board includes a lot of whimsical winter imagery, with a heavy emphasis on the 
colour blue.
Site Inspections and Floor Plans

Floor plans can happen either after or before you get selected to carry out a job, but are usually done after a site inspection.
Site inspections help the event coordinator and crew leader gauge the space we'll be working with, as well as what will fit in said space. Here the area is measured and photographed
Floor Plans show the specifics, looking at how props or sets can fit into a designated space. 

These two elements help give clients an idea of how the event will turn out in a more practical way than the mood board.

But wait, there's something different about this job...

Our whimsical Winterfest needed two custom built elements!

Our whimsical Winterfest needed two custom built elements!

The first thing we needed to build was a virtual fireplace to give the board games room a warm feeling. We also needed giant
painted snowflakes to hang from the ceiling. These were organised in advance so we would have time to print the snowflakes and time for the warehouse to build our fireplace

Dealing with Issues

When organising an event, there are inevitable issues that might arise, so it's important to prepare well in advance. 

Some problems that could possibly affect 
the job include: 
01. The tight bump in
window - the event was due to start at 12:30pm, so we had to start bump in the day before, working right up until the deadline to make sure everything was perfect. 

02. Ceiling installations - The job included 3 hanging
chandeliers and dozens of hanging snowflakes, so rigging needed to be planned in advance and done as soon as we gained access to the venue.

03. Fitting all the giant props around food trucks - by working closely with the client, we made sure to plan together how we would coordinate the food truck arrival and placement with our selection of giant props

It's the big day!!

Bump in day is usually done at least a day before the event takes place - our Winterfest began bump in the day before. First thing we had to sort out was the ceiling installation because we needed to use the scissor lift to get all our snowflakes and chandeliers onto the ceiling. We had to coordinate this with the games and activities being installed, as well as the food trucks. Then, business as usual moving props in with the trucks and setting up centrepieces in areas around the room. On the day of the event, our amazingin house stylist Bec runs around styling up a storm, making sure all the areas are absolutely picture perfect.

Then, after we've turned on our snow machine and we've decorated the barrels and trees, we leave to let the guests enjoy their winter wonderland...

After the event When the event is over, we bring our Crew back to bump out and take all the props back to our warehouse, satisfied with another great event set up... Until the next one!!