Our Creative team at Sydney Props have just finished developing our NEW THEME that will release next month.

The theme is called "Up, Up and Away" and features a brand new giant Ferris Wheel with carriages. Influenced by Paris and with a chic, feminine colour palette it is great for industries that target women. Pink not your thing? This theme is versatile in that colours can be changed and it can be adapted to all sorts of themes: Circus, Vintage Circus, Europe, Britain/London, Market, Once Upon a Time, Parisian Burlesque, Willy Wonka, Winter Wonderland etc.  

Stay Tuned for more info, for now, see below our concept sketches, mood board and colour palette that our stylist and designer has come up with!

Above: our initial mood board with concepts taken from nostalgic circus, Parisian perfume commercials and floating objects such as umbrellas and clouds

Above: the colours we chose were pastels with some brighter highlights. We want to make it easily transferable to men/boys if we take away the pinks.

Above: conceptual sketch of what props will be used and how they will look as a whole.

Need Styling services for your next event? We have an in-house stylist, designer and builder than can create the look you want. Contact Us for more information.

Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to any and all materials used in the above mood board photos.