A Night at the Museum


Want to visit and spend A Night at the Museum? Let Sydney Props theme and style your next event for such an evening.

Based on the iconic film "A Night at the Museum" where cultural displays clash and come to life after dark, this event theme offers a diverse and engaging spectacle for the guest or client. Set against draped walls and themed backdrops, signature props are used to create the various rooms of a walk through museum.  Several of our themes are combined to transform the event space from the ordinary to the spectacular.  The Old West which features a saloon with hay bales, wagon wheels, barrels, crates and a hitching rail with a life size saddled horse.  Medieval Theme with its shields, banners, weapons and armoury set against a castle wall backdrop.  The Nautical Theme features a life size pirate statue, ships wheel, canon, ropes, bollards, treasure chest and more.  For our Cleopatra Theme, an oversized Egyptian mask, Egyptian Sarcophagus cutout, slave statues, urns, columns and palm trees set the mood.  The Aztec Theme with its extra large sandstone statues, ancient ruins rising out from lush foliage and creeping vines, are set against a jungle themed backdrop creating strong visual impact.  Our final historical displays in the "museum" using the Ice Man and Cave Man themes, incorporate backdrops and flats from our vast collection along with unique props to create a world of ice and snow where wild beasts once roamed and man first started to walk the earth and make fire.  The walk through is theatrically lit to add to the mood and further enhance the displays.  If required, tables and seating in keeping with the styled themes can be included and hired for your event..

Night at the Museum Theme Brochure

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  1. Medieval Cresent Moon Banner
    Hanging banner on rod with gold trim, medieval style - featuring crescent moon design Learn More
  2. Sandstone Bricks - Blocks
    Block - bricks, sandstone, weathered ruins style. Size approx. 300mm Learn More
  3. Half Round Sandstone Block
    Half Round Sandstone block - column Learn More
  4. Small Pyramid with Flame
    Small pyramid with flame - not installed Learn More
  5. Black and Silver Medieval Banner
    Black and Silver Medieval Banner Pennant - Flag 2 in stock Learn More
  6. Camp Fire
    Camp Fire - Prop for Hire Learn More
  7. Fake Human Skulls
    Fake human skulls. Assortment of plastic, realistic and novelty varieties available. Learn More
  8. Medieval Target
    Medieval style wooden target- knife throwing / archery target Learn More
  9. Red Bollard Rope
    Red bollard rope. Also available in black and burgundy Learn More
  10. Vines and Lianas
    Vines and LianasNote: Hanging Branches in photos not included, this item includes vines, lianas and moss that can be... Learn More
  11. Shield Medieval
    Shield, Medieval, rectangular Learn More
  12. Medieval Hanging Banners
    Hanging Banners, medieval style. Various styles, colours available. Learn More
  13. Medieval Cross Banner
    Hanging banner on rod with gold trims - medieval style, green/gold cross Learn More
  14. High Back Cane Chair
    Cane chair with high back, peacock style 1.6m high x 1.1m wide natural, silver and gold available Learn More
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