Halloween or "All Hallows' Evening" is arguably one of the most anticipated dates of the year. Only on the 31st of October each year do all the festivities commence for this spooky day of trick-or-treating, costume parties, carved pumpkins, bonfires, watching blood curdling horror movies and telling scary stories... we all love a little bit of screaming...

The possibilities are endless to create your Halloween spectacle. We have props and decor that can recreate a haunted house using our range of backdrops, candelabras with spider webs and vintage furniture. Or why not create a bar with menacing vampire statues and large spiders crawing over the counter? We have headstones to create a cemetery or graveyard with a fenced gate leading up to it and of course we have pumpkin heads, cut-outs and statues to decorate your entrances and really create that iconic Halloween feel. 

Our large range of unique Horror props available will give you something to scream about. If you want to create a theme for your Halloween event using props from our other themes you could create: Circus Freak Show, Dracula's Castle, Mental Asylum, Frankenstein's Laboratory, Convict's Prison, Zombie Apocalypse and much much more!


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  1. Stack of Prop Books
    Book Table stack of books wood Learn More
  2. Straw Broom
    Straw broom approc 95cm long Learn More
  3. Horror - Life-size Pumpkinhead Scarecrow
    Horror - Life-size Pumpkinhead Scarecrow Learn More
  4. Chesterfield Armchair Oxblood
    Chesterfield Chair 1.0m wide x 0.8m high x 0.9m deep 3 in stock Learn More
  5. Medical - Assorted Fake Substances
    Medical - Assorted Fake Substances, bag of Learn More
  6. Ghost Ships Wheel
    Ghost ships wheel, adorned with sea shells and netting Aged copper look Learn More
  7. Giant Mummy
    Giant horror statue approx 3.0m in height Learn More
  8. Mannequins
    Dress Mannequins (no head or legs, 1.25m -1.6m) Learn More
  9. Wire Mesh - Cyclone Wire - Chainwire - Fence
    Wire Mesh Fence - Industrial Cyclone Wire - Chainwire Mounted on Trucked Platform Great for industrial, factory, urban... Learn More
  10. Velvet Armchair
    Armchair Velvet, curved studded back, carved timber. Size approx. 80cm x 95cm x 90cm Learn More
  11. LED Glow Cocktail Table
    LED Glow Cocktail Table Another item in our collection of LED Glow Furniture Adjustable to any colour to match your... Learn More
  12. Velvet Lounge
    Velvet lounge - couch, 3 seater. Fancy button back, carved timber. Size approx. 1.9m x 0.95m x 0.9m Learn More
  13. Antique Style Book
    Antique style book - leather bound. Assorted variety available Learn More
  14. LED Glow Furniture and Shapes
    LED Glow Furniture and Shapes Adjustable to any colour to match your theme or corporate look Live colour changing and... Learn More
  15. Street Lamp - Type 1
    Street Lamp - Type 1Prop for hire Learn More
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