Ever been to a party where everyone spends the whole night literally looking over their own backs? Our Horror Theme is guaranteed to turn a few heads.

We've cornered the cemetery on headstones, so if you are looking for a scary story, we've got the perfect plot. It involves zombies, vampires, werewolves and demons - blood curdling cries and stifled screams, badly applied makeup and hair to just die for. Sure it's kitch - but who cares? Not our zombies that's for sure - we've got their brains stored in the bottom of a wardrobe. We may even sell them on eBay.

We have a shipping container full of coffins - didn't buy them - just sayin'.

If you want blood-pumping fountains, suits of armour, cemetery gates, vampire statues, boiling cauldrons or TV's with white noise that whisper to you .......theeeey're heeeere!!


Get our Horror and Headstones Theme Brochures:

Horror Theme Brochure

Headstones Brochure

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  1. Suit of Armour - SILVER
    Knight in shining armor/armour. Learn More
  2. Horror - Life-size Pumpkinhead Scarecrow
    Horror - Life-size Pumpkinhead Scarecrow Learn More
  3. Rustic Baroque Candelabra - Standing
    Rustic Baroque Candelabra - Standing for use as props for dressing your next photo shoot, themed event or party. Learn More
  4. Cutout - Horror Winged Devil in Flames
    Cutout - Horror Winged Devil in Flames Learn More
  5. Cutout - Horror Flaming Winged Devil on Tombstone
    Cutout - Horror Flaming Winged Devil on Tombstone Learn More
  6. Large Entrance Gates
    Large Entrance GatesProps for Hire Learn More
  7. Eagle on Plinth
    Eagle on Plinth with wings spread Learn More
  8. Small Cage on Wheels
    Cage, small mobile on wheels, pg 49, Size approx. 80cm x 80cm x1.1m high Learn More
  9. Convict Style Head and Hand Stocks
    Convict style stocks for head and hands. Size approx. 1.4m Learn More
  10. Assorted Coffins
    Various Styles of Coffins - props for hire Variety of shapes, sizes and finishes available. Learn More
  11. Rusty Chains
    Rusty Chains - large Learn More
  12. Convict Ball and Chain
    Ball and chain, convict style Learn More
  13. Tombstones
    Tombstone - Props for Hire Various Styles Available Learn More
  14. Straw Broom
    Straw broom approc 95cm long Learn More
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