Ancient Rome


Ever heard of the Roman Empire? Power, architecture and war are strong words for our Roman Theme.

If you are looking to recreate ancient Rome then we have you covered with our columns, plinths, statues, urns, arches, chariots and fountains. However, if you are looking to style a modern Roman event well then these same props can help you create the street scenes and the sheer monumental nature that is Rome. We have giant urns that are great for entrances and statues that can line the walls on plinths. Also use flowers in planters to add that charm.

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  1. Classical Urn - Small
    Classical Urn - Small, size approx. 800mm x 800mm high Learn More
  2. Doric Style Column
    Doric style column, usually Nougar. 5 in stock Learn More
  3. Elegant Lady Statue
    Female statue approx. 1800mm tall (plinth extra)Prop for hire Learn More
  4. Plinth and Base for Statues
    Plinth base base, suitable for use with elegant lady statues and various other statues, urns, items Learn More
  5. Roman Style Urn
    Roman style classic urn. Learn More
  6. Statue Venus
    Statue of Venus with arms crossed, half naked 1.6m Learn More
  7. Bust Sculptured Woman
    Bust, Sculptured Woman, 20 x 15 x 35cm Learn More
  8. Column with Wire Top
    Column, Wire top without gold drape. Size approx. 2.1m tall Learn More
  9. Banister - Balustrade - Balcony Rail
    Banister - Balustrade - Balcony Rail Size: 2.6m x 0.9m Learn More
  10. Column Arch Header Set
    Column arch header set. Ancient Greek - Roman style Learn More
  11. Regency Capital Style Urn
    Regency capitol style urn. Available in white or gold. Suitable for use as a table or plinth. Size approx. 1.4m x... Learn More
  12. Gold Bullion Bars
    Gold Bullion, small bars - Qty 15. Size approx. 20cm long Learn More
  13. Sky with Clouds Painted Backdrop BD-0010
    Sky with Clouds Painted Backdrop BD-0010 Learn More
  14. Male Torso on Stand
    Male Torso statue on stand Learn More
  15. English Flower Urn with Cherub
    Urn, English flower/cherub, approx. 60x60x65cm Learn More
  16. Urn on Plinth
    Urn, stone look, brown, with plinth, 55 diam x 85 Learn More
  17. Assorted Male and Female Busts
    Assorted male and female busts - various styles, finishes, types Learn More
  18. Roman Columns with Sunset Painted Backdrop BD-0130
    Roman Columns with Sunset Painted Backdrop BD-0130 Learn More
  19. Wooden Rustic Flower Cart
    Wooden Rustic Flower Cart - for hire Learn More
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