Parisian Burlesque


The name “Burlesque” suggests a variety show or striptease, heavily influenced by French and German cabaret that was popular in the 19 century.

The development of this theme has been encouraged over the years by movies such as Bob Fosse's two classics Cabaret in 1972 and All that Jazz in 1979 as well as the 1996 movie Striptease starring Demi Moore. In 2010 interest in burlesque increased with the Cher and Christina Aguilera movie “Burlesque”. In the film a small-town girl ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer played by Cher.

The Parisian Burlesque theme relies heavily on entertainment - we can arrange it all. We create a venue for performance in the form of a basement style club, with tables and bentwood chairs, lampshade table centrepieces, palm trees, columns, plinths and urns, fountains, industrial fans two metres tall, velvet drapes - black or burgundy look fabulous darling, black and white dance floor, giant chandeliers, smoke machines and effects lighting.

Let the show begin!


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  8. Gold Mirror
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  9. Art Deco Curved Bar Section
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  12. Velvet Lounge
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  14. Wrought Iron Flower Cart
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  15. Parisian Buildings - Set Pieces
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